Cabinet & Executive Councils

This collection contains a total of 25 files with 4,832 individual images spanning a time period from 1845 to 1900. Some of the materials are the original manuscripts, and some are the typescript version of the manuscripts. All of the original documents may be found using the Hawaiʻi State Archives Foreign Office and Executive Finding Aid (Series 422-423).

Article 52 of the 1852 Constitution, issued during the reign of Kauikeaouli, stated that, “The King’s ministers constitute his Cabinet Council, and, as such, are his special advisers in the executive affairs of the kingdom.” The King’s ministers were appointed by the King.

Later, Article 42 of the 1864 Constitution, issued during the reign of Kamehameha V, changed the arrangement of the King’s Cabinet, stating instead that its membership consisted of the minister of foreign affairs, the minister of the interior, the minister of finance, and the attorney general. The King’s cabinet served as ex officio members of the Privy Council.

The King’s Cabinet later became the Executive Council pursuant to the document entitled, “Proclamation Establishing a Provisional Government.” This proclamation, which illegally abrogated the monarchy in 1893, created the Executive Council. Members of the Executive Council consisted of S.B. Dole, J.A. King, P.C. Jones, and W.O. Smith.

The documents contained in the Cabinet Council collection are significant in helping us better understand more about Hawaiʻi's legal history.

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